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Five steps to get yourself ready for 2021

Here at Swwwift we hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season despite the difficulties we’ve all faced from an indifferent year to say the least.

Getting off on the right foot in 2021 is among our thoughts. We’ve put together five steps to push aside the usual January Blues to help you start selling websites or to maximise your business opportunities if you’re already doing so!


1. Watch the Winning Websites™ webinar

The Winning Websites™ webinar was created with a key focus in mind, to teach you how to sell websites to make profit. There are heaps of cool hints and tips if you’re already selling sites as a marketing professional too, but all the information you need to get yourself started if you’re not.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to identify prospects
  • How to reach out to clients
  • Staying on top of your leads
  • Selling websites to generate a monthly recurring revenue


Watch the webinar


2. Get your free copy of the Winning Websites™ framework

The Winning Websites™ framework goes hand-in-hand with the webinar mentioned above. So once you’ve got yourself set to watch the webinar, have your worksheet ready to fill in as you go along.


Get your copy of the framework


3. Get yourself setup with a Swwwift site

Getting setup with a Swwwift site will not only help you to understand how to use the platform but also provide you with an agency-quality website, without the hassle of using a web-builder, freelancer or agency.

The experience of using the platform will also put you in a great position to help your prospects so when the time comes you’ll be able to provide an unrivalled service.

READ ME: How to create a fully-customisable website in six easy steps for your clients using Swwwift

4. Use your family and friends to secure new business

After setting up your Swwwift site you’ll want to start getting clients onboard. You’ll have already watched the Winning Websites™ webinar and filled out the framework by this stage, so you’ll know how to identify and reach clients, but don’t stop there.

As we all know, word of mouth and recommendations are an age-old way of getting business. Some of your family and friends will no doubt have their own businesses that you could provide your services to, for example…

Where would you go if you needed something fixing in the house that’s gone wrong like a leaky tap? Possibly that family member or friend who has the plumbing business to help?

With that in mind, you could easily use your new or current skill set of selling websites to help enhance their business and secure yourself a client.

Something as simple as “Did you know for less the a price of one tap change callout a month you could have a website generating you new business leads?”

You’ll be handling the technical bits and providing your family member/friend with something they probably didn’t have before, or if they did… it wouldn’t be as good as what you could create using Swwwift!


5. Upskill yourself

Lastly, continue to upskill yourself. These are just a few tips to get you started on your upskilling journey but don’t stop there.

The Swwwift blog has plenty of articles to help you along the way, but you can also book in to speak with us directly if you’d like to know more from a Swwwift Expert.


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