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How can I earn money from using Swwwift?

Transforming your target audience into a new revenue stream

We’ve already covered how to identify potential targets and you’re probably wondering how you can earn money using Swwwift by now. We’ll first take a quick look at how to get a sale over the line, before showcasing an overview of the earning potential. 

Getting a sale over the line

Let’s say you’ve identified a local business as a potential client and there’s no doubt they either need a new or their first website but they are apprehensive about spending money. How are you going to get a sale?

By simply giving your potential client a relative understanding of what their business would have to sell to afford their site and your services should go a long way to help them see the bigger picture. 

Stats are great…

According to Expert Market, a business can increase its turnover by at least 45% just by having a website. So keeping your potential clients informed can be a great help… who wouldn’t want to attract more customers and make more sales?

Here comes the interesting part

So with the above in mind, it’s time to have a look at how much you could be earning by selling Swwwift websites.

If you already have experience in selling websites you’ll have a good understanding of what you charge. We’re well aware that each job has its own unique criteria, which is usually reflected in pricing. 

The Swwwift calculator will give you an indication of your earning potential. Try it out here!

Simply insert an estimate or average figure of what you’d expect to charge each month for creating a website and then use the slider to see the earnings increase based on the number of sales you expect or already make. 

As you can see from the above example, if you were to sell 50 websites a year at a rate of £100 per month you’d be turning an annual gross profit of £39,000.

TIP – If you have trouble working out your pricing strategy a Swwwift expert can help!

A key factor to remember is that not only will Swwwift provide you with all the support you need, you’ll also be looking at recurring income. So rather than charging your client for a one-off website fee, it will be more affordable for them and monthly income for you…

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