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How to boost your marketing income… even during a global pandemic

There’s no better time to revisit the services you offer as a self-employed marketer given the current climate. Despite there being schemes in place, such as Self Employment Income Support, the strain on self-employed individuals has been testing.

Around 15% of the UK’s workforce are self-employed and a report conducted by IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) revealed there has been a significant increase in highly skilled freelancers – arguably making it even more crucial for freelance marketing professionals to review their services.

So what if we told you there’s nothing stopping you from boosting your marketing income by selling websites?

Or what if you’re already selling websites but we can help make the process easier and quicker?

The solution: Swwwift

Swwwift’s built-for-you websites give you the opportunity to either start selling websites or make the process easier than it’s ever been before. The sites are spun up and arrive in minutes for you to add content, so here’s what makes it so simple:

  1. No code experience required
  2. Built-for-you website service
  3. Full-tech and Success Support
  4. Build a recurring revenue

Interested to find out more? We have put together a heap of high-value content to help:

Want to sell websites but not sure where to start?

We are offering you the chance to hear from Swwwift founder Ryan, who has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. The Winning Websites Framework webinar is ideal if you’re just starting out or would like to learn more as an existing marketing professional.

Launching a website selling business isn’t actually that daunting… it’s easy if you know how to:

  • Identify prospects
  • Reach out to clients
  • Stay on top of leads
  • Sell websites to generate a monthly recurring revenue

You can easily secure recurring revenue from previously missed opportunities in your existing client base and have the time to identify new prospects!

Join the Winning Websites webinar

The demand is there

Despite the uncertainty for many businesses across the UK during 2020, freelancer services are high in demand.

According to Micro Biz Mag, the likes of Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Web Developers, Copywriters, Marketers and Social Media Managers are among the most popular web searches. (research carried out using Keyword Finder)

Don’t miss a chance to boost your marketing income,  it could be easier than you think – we’ve got the tools, know-how and content to help you!

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