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How to create a fully-customisable website in six easy steps for your clients using Swwwift

Here at Swwwift we’ve reinvented the way marketing professionals go about creating websites for their clients. You don’t have the time to invest in building a site from scratch using a traditional web builder, your client doesn’t have the budget for an agency, and you don’t want to rely on a freelance developer. All options which typically create pain points and ultimately leave you feeling frustrated and underwhelmed.

So we’re not just another web builder, we’re WordPress without the fuss – meaning you can either start your journey selling built-for-you websites or create your own site to enhance your current business. Swwwift sites are spun up and arrive in minutes, ready for you to add content.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to get set up on Swwwift and start creating fully-customisable websites for your clients…


1. Tell us about yourself

The first thing we want to know is whether you’re setting up a website for yourself or for a client. In this example, we are going through the process as a marketing professional, so we’ll go ahead and select ‘I am setting up a website for my client’.

2. What type of website are you looking to create?

Who is your client? What kind of website do they need: a service website or an E-commerce shop? For this example, we’ll run you through creating a service website, as we have plenty to come on shops!


3. Time to select a theme

When you’re picking a theme you’ll have the option to see a live preview or request a free personal demo. The live preview will allow you to have a quick play around on the theme to see if it’s the right fit for you.

The free personal demo is a great option to see how a theme would look after a few simple edits, like adding a logo, image and text. However, these changes will not save, so they will be lost after the demo period ends. It’s simply to just give you a taster!


4. Get customising with the Swwwift-approved plugins

We understand that every client will have different requirements, so there are plenty of Swwwift-approved plugins to choose from in order to fully customise each website you create.

Once you’re done picking what you need, you’ll move on to billing – but don’t worry, you’ll always have the option to revisit the Swwwift-approved plugins and you can always ask for the support of a Swwwift Expert if there’s anything you’re unsure of!


5. What payment method works for you?

You can choose whichever Swwwift payment plan works for you. And, even better, you get a free trial whichever payment option you choose. You’ll qualify for two months free when selecting the annual plan, saving you £70. 

We think it’s important for you to get a good feel for Swwwift with the preview and demo options. As for any offers like a free trial, you’ll be able to make a saving for yourself, pass the saving on to attract your clients or meet somewhere in the middle, the choice is yours!

6. Here comes the best bit: sit back and relax (but only for a few minutes)

Once your order has been processed you will receive a confirmation email. Then within just a few minutes you’ll receive another email with the login details to your ready built-for-you website so you can being customising. 

From then on it’s down to you to populate the required content, but again we’re here to help if you need anything – you’ll have the chance to book in for a Swwwift training session through the email you receive with your site login details!

So there’s a quick overview of ordering a site, there are of course some different options along the way that you can choose too.

We’ve still got some more cool stuff to tell you about though, which will help you when it comes to whether you need another website for a new client or if you get stuck! 

Customising your Swwwift site 

As we said above in step six, you’ll receive your login details within minutes of your order completion  – this is what you’ll need to get stuck in to customising!

You’ll see below an example of the WordPress editor for a service website. As we look down the list on the lefthand column, you’ll see the sections you need to access to make those site edits, which we’ll give you a brief overview of now…

  • Posts – where you create amazing, stop-worthy blog content
  • Media – your library to add photos, videos and more to help you populate the site
  • Global Content – adjust the layout of blog pages, insert a brand logo and edit the site footer
  • Pages – each of the main sections of your site live here
  • Comments – moderate, respond to or delete any visitor comments
  • Services – your site services, make edits, add or remove them
  • Contact – edit your contact forms and where they point to
  • Appearance – home to the ‘customise’ and ‘menus’ sections. With ‘customise’ you’ll be able to change site colours, typography and menu styling. In ‘menus’ you can edit which pages are accessible in the menu and how they sit.

Managing your Swwwift websites in one place: The Dashboard

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to access all of your Swwwift websites in one place, because nobody likes having to continually log in and out.

The Dashboard is the place to go if you’re needing to jump into one of your projects to make a quick change, add a new site, or review your details. 

The expert support you need (and have probably never had…)

Swwwift is committed to going above and beyond when it comes to support. Waiting days for an answer to something you need to know right away isn’t helpful for anyone.

You can speak to us directly on live chat when you need instant support or even book in a call with a Swwwift Expert for a personalised 1:1 session. 

Another of our helpful resources is the Swwwift Knowledge Base, which is accessible through the Dashboard. Here you will find tips, tricks and guides on how to run your website and also answers to FAQs. 


Staying up-to-date with all things Swwwift

Once you’ve subscribed to Swwwift we’ll keep you regularly updated through our mail-outs, so long as you opt in… but you can also see plenty of cool stuff on our socials too, give them a follow!

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