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How to make money by selling websites to your existing clients

We’re going to show you how adding a new string to your bow can help you make the most of your existing roster of clients – with no cold outreach required. Whatever service you currently provide for your clients, adding website creation to your offering will help you create more value for your clients – and more profit for yourself. 

But how do you start selling websites? This article will provide some tips for identifying and capitalising on opportunities to sell your existing clients a new or redesigned site.

Does your client have a website already?

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your existing clientbase. How many of them have websites? How many of them have websites that don’t really cut the mustard? Put these clients into two lists – you now have a two-pronged approach for selling websites.

If they don’t have a website yet – great! 

This is your time to shine. Use the steps below to figure out exactly what they need and, more importantly, why they should hire you to deliver it.

What kind of website do they need?

Is your client a brick-and-mortar business with no online shop? Or maybe they’re a local service provider who needs to be able to take bookings on their website? Swwwift can cater to your client’s needs no matter what kind of website they require.

Calculate the size of the opportunity

Do some research into search queries related to their business using free tools like Wordtracker

If you can let them know that at least 2,000 people are searching for hair salons in Banbury every month, for example, your client will instantly understand what they’re missing out on.

Pitch your website creation services

Approach them with a friendly and persuasive pitch that explains why not having a website is a big problem for a modern business and offers your website creation services to solve that problem.

Feel free to use and adapt our template pitch email in order to make the most of your existing contact base.

Download template

If they have a website already – could it be better?

Small business owners rarely have the budget for super-slick agency-designed websites or the time to create an impressive-looking website themselves. Chances are, there are lots of things about their current website which could be improved – and this is where you (and Swwwift) come in.

Audit their existing site

Take a detailed tour around their website as a user – are there any stumbling blocks that put you off? Make a note of them. 

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Crowded, hard-to-read text
  • A lack of clear calls to action
  • No E-commerce or booking functions
  • Dated design
  • Poor quality imagery
  • Inconsistent branding – is their logo still the same?
  • Incorrect information or contact details

Present the solution to their website woes 

Once you’ve audited their existing website, you can reach out to your client, politely point out any areas for improvement, and present your solution – a website designed by yours truly.

Feel free to use the email template below to persuade your existing clients to hire you to create them a shiny new website.

Download template

After that initial conversation

Once your client is sold on the benefits of a brand new website, you can create a free demo Swwwift website in just a few clicks to show them how their new site could look.

Create a demo

How will you price your Swwwift site?

You need to make sure you factor in the following points when pricing your services:

Get started with Swwwift

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