Swwwift vs Freelance Developers

Why would you choose Swwwift over using a Freelance Developer? Well the answer is simple. Swwwift is a platform built by designers, for designers – it’s WordPress, with on-page editing through Gutenberg.

Given that Swwwift has been founded by a no-code graphic designer who grew a web agency, we completely understand the frustrations of key pain points that people face when they use Freelance Developers.

Swwwift is positioned for graphic designers to easily sell websites to their clients with no coding required, with access to plugin libraries that make anything achievable – all with the support of Swwwift Experts. This takes away the need to use a platform with more dev-related plugins, aimed at those who want to dabble in CSS and HTML if this isn’t your bag.


Key differences with Swwwift compared to Freelance Developers

  • Swwwift sites are fully hosted and ready to go
  • Swwwift runs on WordPress Gutenberg – giving you the option to work with a template or with block patterns to create new pages in minutes
  • Swwwift is built by designers, for designers
  • Swwwift provides agency-level support. No matter how good a Freelance Developer is, they won’t have a support team to help behind the scenes and it’s common that any tech support they do provide is outsourced.
  • Swwwift has a clear pricing structure. With a Freelance Developer there’s every chance prices can spiral as you’re typically charged by the time a project takes. If something needs addressing outside of the initial project scope, it’s very rare you’ll find a Freelance Developer who won’t charge extra.


Designing on Swwwift vs Freelance Developers designing for you

With Swwwift you can start a site with a template or from scratch, it’s totally your choice. The platform uses Gutenberg editor blocks, enabling you to produce stunning websites in minutes – all without the need to code.

A Freelance Developer will be creating your websites with an almost out of sight, out of mind feel. You’ll likely see wireframes and be given updates during their website creating process to feedback on. But you’re not going to have full control on how things are done, or where they’re being created – that will be in their hands.

Take a quick look below at how easy it is to add a new page to Swwwift’s Elyn theme…

Swwwift availability vs Freelance Developers

Swwwift is always available, which is exactly what you’ll need when you have limited time and resources. When it comes to Freelancing, no matter what industry, no one can be on hand to help 24/7, 365 days a year.


Swwwift timescales vs Freelance Developers

A Freelance Developer will have to spend time putting your site together, whether they’re coding it themselves or using a builder. Swwwift sites are built-for-you and ready-in-minutes. The process takes next to no time.


Swwwift pricing vs Freelance Developers

Swwwift makes it very easy for you to make changes or help out if you run into any difficulties.

In fairness to any Freelance Developer, time is money to them too, so they’re not likely to be able to offer their services free of charge as and when you need them.


Swwwift support vs Freelance Developers

A Freelance Developer doesn’t have the support of a team on hand behind the scenes, ready to help you however you need.

At Swwwift everything is in one place, the Dashboard. Here you’ll find ‘how to’ articles, live chat support with a Swwwift Expert and the option to book a 1:1 consultation.


Swwwift bespoke options and site development vs Freelance Developers

Unless you’re paying top rates or have yourself an amazing Freelance Developer, the chances that they’ll be able to provide open-ended growth for a site are pretty slim.

Every successful business needs a website that can grow alongside it. At Swwwift, we can simply pick up your site and transform it into the bespoke solution you or your client is looking for.

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