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Swwwift vs Webflow

So, why would you choose Swwwift over using Webflow? Well the answer is simple. Swwwift is a platform built by designers, for designers – it’s WordPress without the fuss. Given that Swwwift has been founded by a web agency owner, we completely understand the frustrations of key pain points that people face when they use Webflow.


Time – you don’t have the time to learn how to use the Webflow platform, which you may find isn’t as it seems.

Cost – a confusing pricing structure with additional costs you may not have been expecting.

Support – a fast email service is still only an email service, which has a 24-48 hour reply window (during business hours). 

Knowledge – invaluable know-how of who’s behind the platform means a Swwwift site can grow as you need it to.


Reasons why Swwwift is the platform to choose over Webflow


Reason One

No confusing pricing structure

One of the biggest issues flagged with Webflow is users becoming overwhelmed with working out their plan, whether for a site or the currently limited e-commerce options. Then there’s the additional hassle of having to pay for themes if you wanted to go down that route.

Swwwift is simple, plans are transparent and prices don’t change based on variables like number of users, form submissions, support… the list goes on (15 variables to be precise at this current time of writing).


Reason Two

No need to waste time you don’t have learning a platform

Pretty much everywhere you look will tell you how great Webflow is for customising your sites but usually with the caveat that it’s going to take you longer to learn than you’d expect as you’ll need to learn more about what you’re trying to achieve.

Swwwift’s ready-in-minutes sites are the opposite, everything’s pre-built for you to add content and customise as you please.


Reason Three

Bespoke solutions

Every successful business needs a website that can grow alongside it. If your site exceeds the limit on Webflow you’ll be working out what to do next by yourself. 

At Swwwift, we can simply pick up your site and transform it into the bespoke solution you or your client is looking for. 


Reason Four

Simple solutions, no hidden costs or surprises

There’s more to Webflow than initially meets the eye when it comes creating a site. While you can jump on and start putting things together, the simple thought of drawing or moving something where you want can require more technical understanding than perhaps first expected (such as fixing, spacing and so on).

The Swwwift platform shows exactly what you need, with no confusing surprises and even if you did get stuck, you won’t be stuck for long…


Reason Five

The web agency behind Swwwift provide the support

Webflow’s email support service does guarantee you’ll be getting a personalised response, but with no guarantees on getting the answer or help you need quickly. While it’s fair to say 24-48 hours doesn’t sound a long time when you think of how many users Webflow are supporting, a delay of that length isn’t what you’ll be hoping for.

At Swwwift everything is in one place, the Dashboard. Here you’ll find ‘how to’ articles, live chat support with a Swwwift Expert and the option to book a 1:1 consultation.