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Swwwift vs

So why would you choose Swwwift over WordPress? Well the answer is simple. Swwwift is a platform built by designers, for designers – it’s WordPress without the fuss. Given that Swwwift has been founded by a web agency owner, we completely understand the frustrations of key pain points that people face when they use WordPress.


Time – you don’t have the time required to learn how to use and continually build on WordPress

Cost – not just the actual platform cost and charges you didn’t expect, but also the cost of using time you don’t have.

Support – leaving people to figure something out for themselves when they can’t find an answer isn’t what Swwwift is about.

Knowledge – invaluable know-how of who’s behind the platform means a Swwwift site can grow as you need it to.


Reasons why Swwwift is the platform to choose over WordPress


Reason One

The simple user interface you actually need

Given the size of WordPress it’s no surprise that the platform has as many features as it does… but you don’t actually need them all. Swwwift’s WordPress CMS is stripped back, giving you exactly what you need, which creates less confusion and potential problems.


Reason Two


WordPress provides a selection of themes to build a website yourself. Swwwift sites are built-for-you and ready-in-minutes. The process takes next to no time. See for yourself [link to build a site in six easy steps]


Reason Three

Bespoke solutions

Every successful business needs a website that can grow alongside it. With WordPress you’ll find yourself doing all the legwork to make this a reality, whether that’s trying to export your site to take it elsewhere or starting over with a new site.

At Swwwift, we can simply pick up your site and transform it into the bespoke solution you or your client is looking for.


Reason Four

No hidden costs or surprises

There’s no denying WordPress has a strong selection of themes to choose from, but not only will you be doing all the work to get it off the ground, you’ll probably find the best bits or features you need come at an extra cost. Swwwift simply doesn’t.

No theme is more expensive than the next, plugins are all free no matter how many you choose and everything’s updated for you. No one should have to upgrade their site just to get the plugin they need.


Reason Five

No clunky integration

There’s nothing to code and no headaches to integrate anything. Like we say, Swwwift sites are built-for-you, so everything you select comes ready made.


Reason Six

The web agency behind Swwwift provide the support

While there’s no doubt the support tools available with WordPress can help, their platform is heavy community lead. Scrambling around looking for an answer or waiting days for a response takes up more time you just don’t have to waste.

At Swwwift everything is in one place, the Dashboard. Here you’ll find ‘how to’ articles, live chat support with a Swwwift Expert and the option to book a 1:1 consultation.