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The key facts about Swwwift

While we know Swwwift is awesome, some of you may not know enough about us and so we have put our awesomeness down into five key facts about Swwwift that you may not know.

Swwwift was made with you in mind

Swwwift was made specifically with marketing experts in mind. We know that you often have to outsource your website work to unreliable freelancers, inflexible online builders or over-priced agencies.

The idea of Swwwift is for you to take back the control of your clients’ online marketing presence as a whole, from their social content through to their website.

Also, because all of the sites are built on WordPress, it means that as your clients’ businesses grow, their website can grow in the same manner and transition into a full-bespoke solution.

Swwwift builds a healthy and consistent revenue stream

Swwwift will give you that extra revenue stream for you to do more of the things you love. Just two websites sold at £70pcm for your clients can earn you just shy of £4,000 for the first year; The final month giving you over £800 in revenue. Whether you charge your clients on a monthly or annual subscription, you know that you have a consistent income from those sites.

Swwwift understands you are not tech-savvy

And that’s fine! That’s why we made Swwwift for you. So you don’t have to know what CSS, HTML or a shortcode is.

What most of you do know, however, is how to write solid content and eye-catching social media posts. Why not put those skills to good use and start a website. The easy to use themes we have built mean that you do not have to know ANY code to make the sites look amazing for your clients.

We have also set up a huge knowledge base with lots of handy hints and tips on how to make your sites look amazing. 

Watch this space as we are launching an online community for Swwwift users to share ideas and any unanswered questions.

Swwwift includes FREE technical support

Swwwift understands that as its users are not tech-savvy and so every so often you will need our help with something. That’s why we made technical support FREE when you purchase a website monthly or annually with us.

Swwwift is constantly evolving

Swwwift is working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you more themes for your clients to suit every business need. We understand that your clients are all so different and therefore their websites need to be too.

We are also working on an intuitive dashboard where you will be able to look at all of your subscriptions, payment details and as a little extra… you can visualise your projected profit. This will likely launch after the beta, so stay tuned.

Swwwift is unique. You won’t get this support anywhere else

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