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The Swwwift proposed sales techniques

After years of selling websites I think I am in a good place to share with you some of my tips and experience of how you find clients, approach them, get them interested and ultimately choose you to create their website. There are many common questions and considerations of what people want or need post website launch.

So to sell a website you need prospects. But if you’re new to website sales you may be thinking how you do this. There are a number of ways for prospects to kick things off. I’ve created some handy tips to find your prospects.

1. Hit your contact book

You should hit your contact book… look for the easy wins first. These are the businesses without a website or really poor ones – those that make you want to bounce as soon as you arrive on them. If that’s the case,  you could use this as part of your sales pitch.

2. Local businesses you use regularly

Also, look for local businesses you use on a regular basis. At the end of the day people buy from people, so if you are known to these businesses it is a lot easier to sell to these people as it’s likely they will trust you.

3. Referrals

As I’ve said, people buy from people, so if you can get a referral all the better, you’re 90% of the way there.

How do you approach your prospects?

If you use my prospect approach these people will know you, so there’s no need to sell yourself, they’ve already bought into you, what you need is to communicate and demonstrate the value you can bring by producing their website for them. Again, this is really simple when you think about it. 

1. Trust and hassle-free
So, they already trust you, which means you have a big tick in the box here, that was easy, right? It will also be hassle-free for them, let’s face it. They know they will be able to contact you with any problems and you will action them (by the way… if you have any problems you can reach out to a Swwwift Expert).

2. Ask them what value having a decent website would mean to them
So many businesses don’t realise the power and the difference a website can make unless you spell it out. So you can use statements like, it works 24/7, it never goes on holiday and it’s never sick. It’s effectively your sales person, your shop window that doesn’t want a lot. It would mean the perception of their brand would improve and their business would look legit. Who doesn’t have a website nowadays?

3. Driving extra sales, orders or bookings out of hours
Highlight to them that a website can take orders and bookings when they sleep and with your marketing expertise you’ll be able to add automation, so emails are sent automatically. How many of your prospects can sell services and products when they sleep? Most can when you think about it. Ask them what difference would that make to their business?

4. Bring the cost of the website back to relate to a service they offer
If your prospect is a plumber and you are pitching a Swwwift website at £70 per month to them, ask them what an easy call out job like changing a tap would be worth to them… it probably isn’t far off £70, so it’ll only take one call out per month to cover the cost of the website. And what’s more, it will be generating more business while they are at this job!

5. Ask them which services would they love to get more of
Excite your prospects by allowing them to think about getting more of the work they love, make the most money from or both! Mention you can structure the site so there is a focus around these products or services. Ask the question like, “If I doubled your sales in X how would that make you feel?” Obviously caveat this question with “I can’t guarantee results, like anything, but I do think it will make a difference”.

Common questions you’ll be asked

Clients will almost certainly have questions for you before they commit to your website sale. Over time you’ll be asked all sorts… but below are the most common questions and our suggested responses.

  1. How quickly can you produce it?
    That’s easy, you can have a Swwwift site ready (to add content) in minutes, then it’s down to you to have content ready to show your client. 😉
  2. Do you have some examples to show me first?
    Again, this is easy too. There are ‘personal demos available’ so you can get a free sample of a website for 24 hours to show your client. You will be able to add content and a logo etc so it relates to their business. When they see what can be done and how good it can look they will love it!
  3. What is the website built in?
    All Swwwift websites are built using WordPress and the shops are Woocommerce. You can say it’s the world’s most-used CMS.
  4. Is there an option to pay for the website in one fee so I don’t have an ongoing cost?
    Yes, kind of. There is a Lifetime Licence option where you can pay for the website, however, every website requires hosting and Swwwift is no different. This is charged at £15 per month and another point to consider is you can now add Tech support for an extra £24 per month
  5. What happens if I have a problem, will you help me as part of this monthly fee?
    You can confidently say yes. All monthly and annual paying websites come with personal full tech support (during office hours) free of charge. The support is for you, not your customer. We’ll help you so you have the knowledge to help your clients.
  6. How much do I need to pay to get-going?
    This is up to you. You will get two months’ free with every website you purchase. You can pass that saving onto your client, or not.
  7. Will I be able to update my website?
    Yes, as it’s WordPress driven they will have the flexibility to update just about anything. Take a look at the video demonstrating the flexibility of a Swwwift website.
  8. Will it work on mobiles properly?
    Yes, all websites are thoroughly tested on the most common mobiles and tablets.
  9. Will it appear on Google rankings so people can find me?
    Yes, it will be dependent on the content, but all Swwwift websites are built to be optimised for Google search. It takes time and SEO experience to reach the top of rankings, but sites will definitely appear.
  10. Will I be able to upgrade at any point?
    After 12 months you will be able to buy a new theme and port all content across and cancel a previous order.
  11. What happens if I want to cancel it?
    You can cancel any website subscription by contacting Swwwift Support. Please note, if you pay monthly, you will be billed the remainder of your 12 month contract.

DID YOU KNOW? You can read more FAQs on the Swwwift Knowledge Base

So, using these techniques should help you to land your first (and many more) website sales. Good luck and if you have any questions, please do reach out to us via live chat, or email.

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