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Tips for Selling Websites to New Clients

Selling websites can be daunting and time consuming without the right strategies. Unlike selling physical products, selling websites requires more time and effort as they need extended maintenance and updates, but this can really pay off in the long run. Check out how much you could make from selling websites with our Swwwift calculator.


To successfully sell websites to new clients as a marketing professional, it is all about the sales pitch. Of course, a good sales pitch alongside a quality product and unique value is ultimately the best way to sell a website. 

There are three main steps when it comes to pitching a website to new clients. You need to encourage customers to buy into the service that you are offering and prove the value that you can bring to their business. You also need to prove your credibility and get rid of any fear that the client may have of being overcharged and unsupported once the website is complete. To win over clients, you need to work on your unique selling point and offer a range of options for clients to choose from. 

1. Providing value

Show your potential client how you can provide value to their business. If they have an existing website, there are a number of ways to pitch a new one:

  • Take a look at their current website and familiarise yourself with all of the pages. Once you’ve done this, you can comprise a list of areas that could be improved (say for user experience). 
  • As well as this, consider the speed of your client’s website, and if this could be improved. It has been found that a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions (KissMetrics).
  • Look at the design of their website. Do they have a consistent theme throughout? Do they have any clashing or aggressive colours? Any of these points can be used to show the client what value you could give them. 

If they don’t have a website… 

  • They need to get one! This should be easier. In the modern world, not having a website can be a huge set back for businesses. 
  • You can show them how a website can help them establish credibility with everyone from banks to their own customers, and even bring new people to their storefront. 

2. Prove your reliability

Many businesses are wary of being ‘scammed’ by a one-time freelance designer who might overcharge for a website and then leave the business in the dark once it’s completed. 

By proving that you can provide your clients assistance and support alongside the website can be a good way to increase the chances of gaining their business’ trust. 

As well as this, many small-to-medium businesses will grow and change over time so it is important that your service is adaptable and that your website can grow with your client. It is also important that the business has easy access to its website for communicating with and updating its customers. 

You should stress to your potential clients they will not be left in the dark. By making sure that they can rely on you and know support and assistance won’t end when the website goes live, is vital. 

3. Offer a unique perspective and range of options

Grow the website alongside your client’s business

Your customers want a website that can grow and change with them and keep up-to-date. By offering your clients maintenance services or design upgrades you can make sure that the websites you are selling are meeting the needs of your client’s business. 

Let them be as involved as they want

Offer your clients tools to manage their own websites, and show them how this can be done. 

Website addons

Addon services are a great way to encourage clients to stick around. Addons will enable their website to grow with their business. 

Add ons can really make a difference to a sales pitch, especially if your client already has a website with limited features. There are a huge range of add ons you could consider pitching to your clients, depending on the industry they work in. 

Such add ons could include: 

  • Website live chat
  • Food and drink menu
  • Portfolio gallery
  • Google maps
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Popup maker
  • Salon booking system 

When pitching your website to potential clients, it is important to research their business and specific needs, so that you can adapt the range of options you can show them. 

Selling websites to new clients is all about the value that you can bring to their business. Offering support once the website is live, and a range of unique options and add ons can really help to build trust with your client and ultimately sell your website. Offering website services can really pay off in the long run if you get it right! 


Sell solutions, not just a services

Selling in your services is what needs to be done and everyone does. This is in actual fact what your prospects are expecting. However, what are they thinking?…

They are thinking;

How is working with a person/company going to help me?

What’s better about this person than all the others?

Can I work with this person?

What have they done for others which means they’ll do a good job?

…and so on.

Have you noticed a theme running? Well, it’s all about them! Whenever anyone is looking to buy something all they think about is how it will affect them, not you!

So, this is when Swwwift’s support and opportunities play into their own. Using Swwwift to support your customers’ needs will help you answer all those doubts your prospects may have.

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