Become a pro with your personal Swwwift expert.

Swwwift websites are very easy-to-use, but as part of your purchase, Swwwift offers one-to-one training sessions to ensure you know how to use your Swwwift website, but more importantly, you are able to support your clients without the need of web developers.

Your Swwwift training email

How is training conducted?

Upon purchasing your Swwwift website you will receive an email confirming your order. Once your website is ready you will then be notified via another email where details of your website and login details will be supplied.

Book your Swwwift training

Book your training

Also within this email will be a link to book your two 1-hour training sessions. Training will be carried out using online screen sharing and audio.

Training is split into two 1 hour sessions.

  1. The first 1-hour will be spent onboarding you as a Swwwift customer and training you on how to use and update your website
  2. The second 1-hour session will be training on how-to-use your website addons chosen and run through the procedure of pushing your website live.

All sessions are recorded A copy of your personal training sessions will be recorded and sent to you after the training o you can refer to it.

Ongoing support for Swwwift websites

You will have ongoing support

There is always a Swwwift expert available to support you via Live Chat or by submitting a support ticket. If you would like dedicated telephone support this is available and a Swwwift Expert can discuss this with you. Please email support at [email protected]

Swwwift has a comprehensive Help Knowledge Base for its clients to use for help and to answer any queries. You are able to read articles, watch videos and submit support tickets.

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