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We’ve been busy developing Swwwift websites for you…

There’s no time to stand still…

A lot has been happening here at Swwwift since we first launched out for Beta users. In our initial phase we had developed a handful of stylish themes to be tested, but plenty more have already been developed and many more will follow. While the themes have kept us busy, we’ve also been putting together some other pretty cool stuff, but we’ll start by telling you about the themes, development and considerations…

Themes on sign up: 

We created four bespoke themes for our Beta users to try, covering a range of industries to showcase the importance of versatility in design and to give a taster of what’s to come. As we’ve outlined Swwwift is a product built for Marketing Professionals, so they will need to be confident that there is a solution for any industry of a potential client.

ICYMI: Get Ready to Swwwift

The continued development of themes:

The Beta stage became available in early May, so we have had plenty of time to take onboard feedback from users to enable us to continue developing Swwwift. New themes are always being created with different functionalities which we are able to update, setting Swwwift apart from the static themes available on traditional website builders.

Considerations behind the designs:

Each of the themes that will be available on Swwwift are built with two key considerations; they have to impress and stand the test of time. With that in mind, Swwwift users will have both a wide selection of themes to choose from and the benefit of fully customisable designs, inundated with all the add-ons required.

We’ve not just been working on the themes… 

We know all too well about the frustrations of time lost waiting for answers and that’s where the Swwwift Knowledge Base comes into play. Users will be able to search for quick answers, browse through tutorials and also submit a ticket if there’s something else they’d like to know.

An intuitive dashboard is also under construction as we feel it is important for users to see their business overview in one place. The dashboard, effectively a hub, will show subscriptions, payment details and projected profits. 

What’s coming next?

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